About Bigtop Studios

With a particular focus on alternative, electrifying entertainment, Bigtop Studios came out swinging — promoting the best shows in both markets while utilizing the vast talents available to him here amongst the comedy elite. The goal being to buttress the preexisting paradigm and to apply Jim’s innovative and unique vision of what comedy can be, and bring it to market. By partnering early on with Fireglory Pictures, Bigtop Studios has international reach, master-level production values, and bleeding-edge market awareness to compliment its stable of Triple-A grade talent.

"Hickox is a sagacious producer, generous collaborator and a real true blue to boot. His background as comedian and filmmaker informs Jim’s vision for Bigtop as an artist friendly company that blazes trails in experiential events and storytelling across all types of media. His exuberant engine runs on making fun stuff and having a ball doing it."

- Matt Olsen and Phoebe Bottoms, Filmmakers, Producers and Promoters


"Collaborating with Bigtop on meaningful, future-changing storytelling has been in all ways delightful. Bigtop, and Jim Hickox, is a visionary partner, a true collaborator – in for the long game, and invested in building lasting and sustainable projects and relationships. A rare beast in the industry jungle."

- Christine Guenther, PGA International Liason and Founder of Fireglory Pictures


"Bigtop gave me complete creative control in the making of my special. I chose the locations, the crew and was fully autonomous in the editing process. As an artist, I will forever be grateful for the freedom Jim and Bigtop afforded me."

- Sam Tallent, Comedian and Author